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tv   [untitled]    January 28, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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next saturday on february 8, michelle was selected to be the keynote speaker at the 8th annual ece leadership conference addressing several hundred childhood providers throughout san francisco. thank you for your dedication and keeping the issue of early education alive in san francisco. congratulations. [applause] [applause] >> thank you supervisor yee, and thank you all of you as supervisors and for supporting the field of early care in the city. some of you are real champions, some of you are getting on board. the city has a robust system that's challenging to create because of the fragmented funding stream and we have amazing leadership /tkpw*erpbs the child care
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community and public and private sector so we look forward to the next phase of doing what was getting attention nationally to make this an even more robust and less fragmented system. and i appreciate supervisor yee, your support of the new office of early care and education. really excited about our new director barbara carlson. my staff works really hard on behalf of the public because we really see this as prevention and a way to strengthen families and support the economy of the city. if parents go work if somebody's not taking care of the kids, so we know care and education happens simultaneously, not in separate buckets. thank you for this honor this morning and we will keep on doing the good work. [applause]
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>> i'm going to make the next two presentations to honor two very distinguished public servants for whom this is their last week with city government. first person i'd like to invite up is someone who i'd describe in the following way. he was once referred to as a low level bureaucrat and he's recently be referred to as the traffic god. bonn, where are you? we are honoring him with a resolution from the board as well as
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declaring today to be bonn yee day in san francisco. we are honoring him today for 32 years of service to our city. done grew up in san francisco and he went on to play second base for uc berkley and he met his wife on muni. [laughter] >> he began his civil service career in the traffic engineering. for 14 years from 1992 to 2006 he served as our city traffic engineer, bringing a new focus to our pedestrian cycling and transit programs, implementing a whole variety of infrastructure projects, as well as the merger of the municipal railway to create the new san francisco municipal transportation agency. he served as the director for
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the sustainable streets division for the sfmta to really encourage multimodal traffic calming and to provide direction and vision for a wide variety of commercial projects including the subway and the san francisco bike plan. bond is someone who really has believed in the power of the people in public service and he founded his program, which is now nationally recognized, which has provided over 250 students since 1990 is valuable opportunities to experience hands on work all over muni. bond yee has helped to bring transportation engineering to the forefront of urban planning and engineering. because of that on behalf of the board of supervisors, it is my honor to declare today,
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january 31, 2014 as bond yee day in san francisco. thank you bond. bond, before you speak, we do have another colleague who had come up with her own certificate of honor. >> bond, thank you. as you know, he is actually a resident of our sunset district, so prior to this position bond was someone who we could go to to solve problems and so when we had very angry community members, he could say with authority as someone who lives in the neighborhood really what he thought was best in terms of improvement. with that, i want to thank you, bond, and hope we will continue to see you in the sunset district. >> bond, the floor is yours. >> good afternoon president chiu, members of the board.
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i am speechless. you know, public service is a privilege and it's especially so if you get to do it in your hometown so i feel fortunate in that regard. i'm honored to be able to serve you and the people of san francisco and really appreciate all the support and policy guidance you've given me and my colleagues at the sfmta through all these years and thank you very much for the opportunity. >> thank you. we look forward to seeing you on muni. [applause] >> i have a second commendation
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for another public servant who will be departing with us very shortly who has helped to head up for almost four years, department of the environment. i'd like to invite up melanie nutter. she has an incredibly long list of accomplishments during her time and i'll just highlight a couple of her accomplishments. she helped to successfully implement or mandatory composting recycling policy to move our city to a city of zero waste. she helped advance us to be the electric vehicle capital. she's someone who helped to
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encourage expansion of our city's outreach efforts to our immigrant populations when it comes to environmental public information. she helped to implement the existing commercial building ordinance with an 82 percent compliance rate. she initiated our city's first drug take back program which has collected over 16,000 pounds of unwanted medicine. helped to plan our 2012 green economy forum where we are making sure we're putting people to work and doing well by the economy. and she helped to support the city's bio initiative. we have known me melanie before she even joined. she has been a long time democratic activist and community leader. we know hopefully why you are leaving the department.
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we know you will continue to be within our community and look forward to your next leadership role so with that i want to thank you melanie. thank you. >> thank you. [applause] >> floor is yours. >> thank you. president chiu, members of the board of supervisors, thank you so much for the recognition today for the sustainability progress we've been able to maintain here. i wanted to accept this cop men /tkaeugs on behalf of the department of environment staff. many of whom are here. the department of environment has one of the most hard working, committed, passion it gnat groups you will ever meet.
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they come -- it's been a privilege and honor to be the director of department of environment and work with all the incredible staff. i want to thank them for the accomplishments you heard there. i wanted to thank this board. there are real champions on the board for sustainability who've helped with pushing forward our plastic bag ban, the pace residential program and how san francisco continues to stay at the forefront of sustainability locally and nationally. i wanted to thank the residents and businesses of san francisco. many of the policies and programings that we have at department of environment are not successful without participation. every resident who puts that can in the recycling bin, the banana peel in the compost, every business with their zero waste program up and running
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helps us produce zero waste goals. i want to thank you for the opportunity to serve the city of san francisco. it has been a privilege and honor so thank you for this recommendation today. >> congratulations. [applause] >> our next commendation will be provided by our district two colleague, supervisor farrell. >> thank you president chiu. colleagues, so as we continue to struggle in san francisco with keeping our families in here in town and especially speaking as a parent of three children in town, our educational system in our city is a huge part of that and such an important element of our city and i think we'd all agree
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that so many former members of our board of education here inside of our chambers today and my colleagues and we have a huge public and private school system that educates our children. today i am having the opportunity to honor the basic fund and their commitment here in san francisco to fight poverty within our families. the found er's vision was to provide education here for low income families and to make tuition more affordable. today rachel, the executive director is here and here with students who are the recipients of the basic fund.
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please come on up. just to let everyone know more about the basic fund. it was founded in 1998 by jim mccarthy and others to make their vision of education a reality. the basic fund is doing an amazing job of filling those seats in a number of our private schools in san francisco that are currently going unused and i had the opportunity in the last summer and fall to visit a school they work with in the mission district and they do such an amazing job. the families are such amazing families that are recipients of these fund and scholarships and it's all about educating our children here in our city. 95 percent of the basic funds, 8th graders go on to graduate school and 65 percent of those
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students get scholarships to. all of their donations go 100 percent to fund psychological scholarships and nothing else. i had the honor of witnessing firsthand what you do for families and his honor. i think -- children. as a parent you can't do anything more than educate children and it's so near and dear to my heart as well. i want to thank you for all the work you do and for being such an integral part of our city. congratulations and thank you for being here.
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as a parent you can't do anything more than educate children and it's so near and dear to my heart as well. i want to thank you for all the work you do and for being such an integral part of our city. congratulations and thank you for being here. >> the -- what a lot of people don't realize is right in their backyard there's families of 100,000 children who are living in poverty and they're trapped in neighborhoods with schools that are sometimes violent and often don't meet their needs and they don't have any option to move to a different district or find a safe alternative for their children. what we do is try to provide that opportunity by helping parents find the best option for their children. in san francisco we celebrate diversity. we respect people's choices. that's why it's such a great city and why we're so proud to be here. we really think that here, especially, you know, parents
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-- it's imperative they have that opportunity to be able to see their children thrive and be successful in life. the basic fund does this by providing opportunities by partnering with over 300 schools throughout the bay area who work tirelessly by providing the person /alized attention that these children need. as a result of our program, by graduating out of our program, 95 percent of our children graduate through high school, which is a huge step up. i'm joined here today by our founder, jim mccarthy and june mccarthy, who didn't want to get up. and also students from saint peters, which is the school you visited in the mission. we had 159 students there, and we are honored to open this door for over 18,000 students
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since 1998 with scholarships. we have supported 4100 students this year. we are so honored to be here today on behalf of our founder, and our cofounder, our very generous board and donors, our wonderful network of schools and most importantly the thousands of families we support each with year. we can't thank you enough for this recognition and support. >> congratulations. [applause]
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>> our final commendation of the afternoon goes to our district six supervisor, supervisor kim. >> thank you. i was trying to think of all the commendations we were hearing today and there's a clear theme of public service. i'm excited to end by acknowledging a type of public service, which is a partnership of our city public service and our private citizens and i wanted to thank -- please come up.
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thank you supervisor mar for bringing this issue to us last year and this is bicycle theft. bike theft is up by 70 percent since 2006 with 1817 reported thefts since 2012 and it actually rises to 4000 in one year. district six which includes the tenderloin had the highest number of thefts at 285 followed by the mission district at 157. last july officer matthew decided to raise awareness of the this issue and started a twitter handle to allow the public to directly communicate with afpd. he had 2350 followers and
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created a faq post that goes over best practices for protecting your bikes. i don't think anything like this had been done before which allowed citizens to communicate with sfpd. since then, sfpd has had several high profile arrests which brings us to the other critical component in this operation, our private citizens. we depend on them to set up sting operations and yes, it is as exciting as it sounds so we're hoping more people will want to get involved with this. i got update messages from one of our district residents as this was ongoing. this has netted in recovering stolen bikes, but other merchandise as well. we want to highlight two particular incidences . the
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first, is actually one with officer freedman and district six small business public bikes. public bikes makes customized bikes for san francisco for tourist hotel residents to use. one of their bikes got stolen. some of you know this gentleman who works at public bikes. he knew what this bike looked like and found it with duct tape wrapped over the logo. he reported this via a direct /tweutder message to officer freedman and freedman called him back within the hour. over the course of their discussion they planned a sting operation that ultimate lyly resulted in officer freedman obtaining a search warrant for the suspect's home.
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dan, who could not be here today, matt was my contact and his efforts is a model example of policing. we at public truly appreciate officer freedman's diligence and follow through. we wanted to highlight also something chronicled by the san francisco chronicle, which included our former d 6 residents. after david's bike was stolen here in the neighborhood, he went online and spotted his tire again online, along with markings of his that he recognized. he text /-td the sell /-r asking to purchase the tire, not saying it was hissed, called sfpd and reached sergeant anderson. they posed as decoys on market street to get the seller to come to san francisco and they then apprehended him.
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sergeant anderson then stayed on duty eight hours past his shift and searching the home of the berkley suspect to complete the sting. they retrieved many other bikes and other items as well. he is a 15 year veteran of sfpd. he was promoted to sergeant in 2009 and has been a member of southern station investigative team since march of 2013. we're proud to have you as a part of district six family. and i know commander joe garrity and our commander for southern station, captain mike redman, who has been an astounding officer. these partnerships, amongst other have led to the closure of a chop shop at 13th and mission. also shut down a recent bay
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area bike shift attempt in the mission. in addition, officer freedman, for those of you who would like more information on how to get involved, go to -- he is an avid cyclist who actually believes that a bike friendly city has to prioritize a high level of theft enforcement. if you're going to support a transit first policy for residents. for crimes in progress, call 9-1-1. this is actually worthy of that attention. and for others, chop shops and others, call the emergency number because calls of service help determine future operation. always include the bike's serial number. i wanted to have these officers come up to be recognized for modelling
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what stellar policing can be and to say a few words. thank you so much. i know this takes additional time. you really have to be per /ses tussis persistent to do this type of work. thank you. [applause]. >> i appreciate awe all the hard work. i appreciate all the comments and thank you for your support. [applause] >> thank you supervisor kim and the board. again, i think it's a great example of a public private partnership. couldn't have made the arrests without them, wouldn't have get them without us. it was a great example of us working together to try to accomplish a goal, which is a
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safer city. >> quite an honor to be here. thank you to the mayor, supervisor kim, the entire board of supervisors, chief of police, captain redman and captain anderson and others involved in this operation. we have many issues in the city, and bike theft is a big one. district six has the highest rate of bike thefts in the entire city. what happened very briefly, my wife eight months pregnant was at a star bucks on town send and eighth. in the five minutes she was getting a $3 late the bike was stolen.
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depressed, i combed craigslist for two weeks and found my ad. for a variety of reasons, including some unique markings from an accident i had on the bike, i assumed it was mine. i called the police station afterwards. i assumed i'd get a voicemail and in fact i got sergeant anderson. maybe i was lucky, maybe the police department's incredible, as i now believe it is. i think it was a combination of both. sergeant anderson took my call and couldn't have been more helpful. it was a saturday. he told me if i could get the san francisco here that he would give me the resources for what was effecttively a sting operation. i couldn't believe my luck. a normal citizen like me could engage the sf police department like this. i was truly amazed. fast forward 12 hours, sting operation happened, my friend
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jerry jerry and i had sat at a subway with police interrogating them, trying to get answers on where other items might have been, and eventually the police officers raiding their house in the east bay. recovering not only my bike but other stolen items. the district charged them with grand theft that day. in conclusion, this is a great example of real police citizen partnership, working together to make this city a better place. i have a newfound respect for the sfpd, something i don't think most folks understand. they're incredible individuals who want to make this city a great place. i want to thank you all for
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this honor and we'd like to dedicate our honor to the entire sf police department. thank you. >> as supervisor kim is gathering her folks, i've had four-and-a-half bikes stolen in san francisco and last week i had a portion of my public bike stolen in district six so i'd like to ask the bike team to go to work. all right?
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>> thank you supervisor kim, congratulations. with that, that concludes our special commendations. let's move to item 17. >> it's a resolution to authorize the sale of rights at the memorial complex at 301 van ness avenue. >> roll call vote. >> supervisor kim. >> kim absent, mar i, tang i, wiener i, yee


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